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Black Leather and Tattoos
The Black Leather and Tattoos shirt is a great way to stand out from the crowd no matter where you wear it, and also makes for an amazing costume that's as quick as putting on a t-shirt! Show off your bikini body and tattoos in style!
Camping Outfit
Want to always be prepared for an outdoor adventure at the drop of a hat? Check out the Faux Real Camping Outfit! With a super-realistic printed vest and plaid shirt, people won't be able to tell this isn't real! Bust out your aviator sunglasses and get...
$32.00 $9.00
Cartoon Dress
Look like you stepped right out of a Lichtenstein poster with the Cartoon Dress by Faux Real. The Cartoon Dress features comic style polka dots and a blue belt to help instantly transform yourself into someone right out of the pages of a 1940's comic...
$30.00 $15.00
Chucky Dress
Transform yourself into the world's most iconic killer doll simply by sliding on a dress! Pair it with our Chucky mask to send the maximum chills down spines!
Cleavage Tux
The Cleavage Tux by Faux Real is classic formal style with a twist. Show up to any classy event or establishment with this Tux on and you're sure to quickly become the center of attention. Just put this shirt on and let the party begin!
Ladies Bondage
The Faux Real Ladies Bondage is perfect for special occasions like holiday dinners, family reunions, and anniversaries! Okay, well maybe not, but it surely would make for an interesting time. All that aside, this shirt has a sweet sublimated...
$25.00 $12.50
Ladies Oktoberfest Leggings
Whether you're planning a trip to Deutschland or just planning to drink some beer, these authentic leggings will have you covered. Pairs great with the Oktoberfest Dress or Ladies Oktoberfest Tee if you really want to show some German spirit. Prost!
Ladies Tattoo with Mesh Sleeves
The Faux Real Ladies Tattoo with Mesh Sleeves is the ultimate way to get the tattoo covered biker look, and is as easy as putting on a t-shirt! This shirt features a realistic looking leather vest with various patches, and an awesome American flag on the...
Ladies' Pirate
Ahoy, me Hearties! The Faux Real Ladies' Pirate T-Shirt will have you looking shipshape. Stand tall with your scallywag style! Yaaaarrrrrr going to love this shirt!
Mermaid Coverup
Spending your days by the water? You can cover up with Faux Real’s Ladies Mermaid short sleeve dress. This dress is as comfortable t-shirt has been photo-realistically printed with sea shell top and blue scaled bottom. Be in every sailor’s...
Oktoberfest Dress
Grab your favorite beer stein and dress for your favorite festival with the Oktoberfest Dress by Faux Real. Get the complete look of an authentic dirndl dress that's as easy as slipping on a dress. So focus on the party at hand and let Faux Real...


About Us!

Faux Real prides ourselves with having the most photorealistic threads on earth. They're so realistic it'll make you look twice!

With everything from T-Shirts to Jumpsuits to Aprons - Faux Real has you covered in eye-catching apparel that will bring the FUN to any occasion. No matter the event, you'll be guaranteed to stand out! Get ready to say "CHEESE" in Faux Real, once you slide one on, you're 100% Instagramable! #fauxrealshirt

When you're wearing Faux Real, the good times are cranked to 11!!! And that's Faux Real!

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