Cat Lady

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The Faux Real Cat Lady is the ultimate statement for "the more cats the better!" This nightshirt is covered in your own personal cat army, and is ready to spread joy wherever it goes. The Cat Lady nightshirt includes the following special features: kittens in pockets, cats in the belt, crawling cats, climbing cats, cats perched on the shoulder, cats swatting belts, various kitty related stains, and the critically important laser cat button. So buy this nightshirt, put it on, and get ready to revel in the glory of internet fame that awaits you!

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Nice Product
Written by Rob Jansen on 17th Dec 2016

Arrived on time. Would be nice for it to have different sizes versus OSFM.

Written by undefined on 6th Oct 2016

It's a good nightshirt. Nice and roomy. There was some white space at the seam running along one shoulder, and at the collar between the shirt and seaming --- so that kind of ruined the "illusion"of it. I don't think it's worth what they want you to pay for at full price --- but if you can catch it when they're offering a discount -- sure. Why not? It's cute.

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